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What would a feminist Alexa look, or rather sound, like?

Many of us now use Siri or Alexa. They help us cook, set alarms, check the weather, tell the time and more.

But have you ever wondered why these domestic helpers adopt female personas? And, on the flip side, why do banking and insurance apps often use male voices?

Here’s a really interesting article in AIGA Eye on Design discussing the role of gender in language, unhealthy stereotyping and writing for bots.

I’ve not been asked to write a script or create a personality for a bot yet! But with many businesses now using them, this is so useful to bear in mind.

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Study: Leaders use jargon when business is failing

An oldie but a goodie.

A couple of year’s ago, an AI solution by S&P Market Intelligence began to predict trading markets based on the jargon used by business leaders.

It found leaders speaking in complicated, long-winded and polysyllabic language tended to precede stock declines.

“When it’s good news, people tend to say it directly. When they have bad news, they tend to dance around it,” said David Pople, Head of Quantamental Research at S&P.

What does your language or the language your organisation uses reveal about you? And if this was a couple of years ago, I’d love to know where this tech has got to today.

Here’s the full article in the Financial Times (paywall).