Hello, I’m Bert – award-winning writer and Founder of Preece

For ten+ years, I’ve been writing for some of the world’s largest and boldest organisations. I’ve learnt first-hand from contemporary poets, inspiring thinkers and industry greats. I’ve worked with scientists, artists and CEOs. 

If there’s one thing I’ve realised, it’s that even the brightest brains and brand teams aren’t always the best at explaining their ideas. Communication often gets tied up in corporate jargon, bound by bureaucracy and eventually lost amongst the noise.

In an age of information overload, important messages lack impact. Valuable stories are forgotten. And golden opportunities to build relationships with the people you care about are missed.

We believe writing can solve problems

Think of all of the famous speeches you know. Your favourite films, musicals and tv shows. We remember and cherish these pieces of work. We celebrate them each year with a showering of awards and prizes.

Yet when it comes to writing for organisations – whether on social media, in proposals or end-of-year reports – why do so many settle for second best?

Through careful use of language, listening, storytelling and persuasion, we believe writing can change behaviours. We believe it can solve problems. And, in doing so, we believe writing can even change the world.

How can we help?

Preece is in its infancy. We help organisations be clear, real and bold in places that matter. We work directly with brands as well as partnering with design agencies and other talented people.

Have a look at our What we do page to find out more. Or, send us a note by clicking on the link below. (It’s after the nice words that people have said about us.)

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